tardily synonyms and antonyms


English tardily, slowly, easy, easygoing, leisurelily, at leisure


English leisurely, belatedly, easy, slowly, slow


English tardily, late


English tardily, leisurely, easy, fast, light, relaxed, soft, gentle, promiscuous, well situated, easily


English leisurely, tardily, lento, little by little, ponderously


English tardily, slow, slow down, slow up, laggard, poky, slack, slacken, boring, deliberate, dilatory, dull witted, gradual, deadening, dense, sluggish, behind, decelerate, delay

tardily antonyms

unsolvable, difficult, haste, rush, quickly, rapidly, tough, fast, hard, hardly, quick, express, run, move, impossible, hard case, quicken, uneasy, accelerate, express train, express mail, express rifle, colour fast, invigorate, benjamin rush, rush along, insolvable, though, agitated, anxious, bad, barely, burly, careful, exacting, expeditiously, scarcely, hardy, hurry, hastily, hastiness, hurriedness, only just, quickbeam, animate, whet, in short order, rarely, run away, run for, scarce, seldom, speedily, with difficulty, solid, unachievable, lively, all of sudden, articulate, astute, belt along, bucket along, cannonball along, cheese, convey, burdensome, unmanageable, draw out, espresso, evince, explicit, fast train, outspeak

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