target synonyms and antonyms


English target area, target language, aim at, aim for, aim, butt, direct, quarry, goal, prey, object, shield, mark, place, point, target
Malay target, bercita cita utk, melawakkan, memaksudkan, membega, membidik, membidikkan, menaruh, menenang, mengacu, mengacukan, mengarahkan, menghadapkan, menghalakan, menjuruskan, sasaran, termuat, titik, tujuan
French cible, but, cibler, dessein, enjeu, faire, lieu, mettre, objectif, orienter, placer, poser, viser

aim at

English aim for, affect, mean
French aim, target


English aim at, aim for, target, object, direct, take aim, aol instant messenger, attempt, bearing, bent, course, direction, effort, endeavor, final cause, intent, objective, proclivity, purpose, reason, scheme, scope, tendency, undertaking, aspiration, calculate, draw bead on, drive, end, propose, purport, set about, sight, struggle, take, train
Malay bercadang, berlatih, bermaksud, bertujuan, bidikan, cita cita, makan, maksud, matlamat, melatih, meluwengkan, memaksudkan, memasukkan, membawa, membega, membidik, membidikkan, membimbing, membutuhkan, meminang, mencadangkan, menenang, mengacu, mengacukan, mengajari, mengajukan, menganjurkan, mengarahkan, mengarik, mengetengahkan, menggunakan, menghadapkan, menghalakan, mengusulkan, menjuruskan, menujukan, objektif, sasaran, tenangan, tujuan
French braquer, but, cible, dessein, entraîner, former, objectif, objet, peiner, prendre, proposer, rechercher, tenir en joue, train, viser

aim for

English aim at, mean
French aim, target

target language

English target, object language
French langue cible, langue d arrivée


English prey, target, mark, booty, game, pit, dig, mine
Malay memecah, menguari
French carrière, proie, curée


English quarry, target, prey, booty, fair game, feed, plunder, raven
Malay binatang buruan, buruan, mangsa, menzalimi, perburuan, sasaran
French butin, butoir, la proie, nourrir, objectif, proie


English aim, target, goal, end, ambition, finish, goalkeeper, goalie, goaltender, netminder
Malay penjaga gawang, akhir, akhirkan, gol, jaringan, keakhiran, matlamat
French but, objectif, dessein, enjeu, fin, gardien, gardien de but, portier, po


English target, butt, butt joint, butt end, flounder, ass, backside, botty, bunt, arse, behind, bottom, buttocks, cigarette, border, goat, laughingstock, mete, stooge, stub, stump
Malay bahan, buntut, korban cemoohan, memicit, menanduk, menyondol, pangkal, puntung, rakan lawak, sasaran, tenu, tunggul
French flet, crosse, about, abouter, but, butte, chute des reins, chèvre, cible, contondant, cul, dessein, fesse, mégot, obtus, sourd, terne


English target, aim, direct, clear cut, conduct, lineal, unmediated, verbatim, directly, calculate, mastermind, address, lead, send, steer, immediate, immediately, officer, refer, right away, show way, straightforward, straight
Malay arah, betul betul, hadapkan, halakan, langsung, lurus, melaksanakan, memandu, memerintah, mengarah, mengarahkan, mengelola, mengemudikan, mengetuai, menguruskan, menjuruskan, menunjuk, menunjuki, menunjukkan, menunjukkan arah, menyelenggarakan, sama sekali, tepat, terus, terus menerus, tujul
French direct, directement, directos, diriger, droit, guider, immédiat, sens inverse des aiguilles d’ une montre, live, recht


English aim, quarry, target, goal, point, mark, deutsche mark, german mark, gospel according to mark, saint mark, march, field, market, bone marrow, brand, deutschmark, discriminate, finish line, fish, grade, ground, mkn, mkr, mrk, mk, bell ringer, crisscross, scratch, marker, sign, chump, celebrate, distinguish, inform, score, punctuate, check, commemorate, cross off, set, scar, tag, notice, stigmatize, markarian, markka, marrow, observe, pith, postage stamp, print, stain, stigma, worm
Malay mark, deutsche mark, tanda
French point, mark, deutsche mark, marc, marque, signe


English aim, target, mark, point, absorption point, on point, distributor point, decimal point, compass point, point in time, power point, titres non pris en charge point, topographic point, allude, apposite, dot, electric socket, footstep, full stop, gunpoint, head, inverse, joint, jot
French point, point de pourcentage, point final, point voyelle, titres non pris en charge point, à point


English aim, target, object, physical object, expostulate, item, article, purpose, thing
French ding, objet


English target, shield, buckler, fence, screen, defense, carapace, harbor, signboard
Malay the shield, perisai, tameng, melindungi, jidal, pelindung, pengadang
French the shield, bouclier, écu, protéger, enseigne, écran de protection, écusson


English target, place, come in, come out, digit, elbow room, juxtapose, localise, localize, location, courtyard, frame of mind, plaza, seat, square, position, stead, space, home, topographic point, achieve, deposit, reach, identify, rate, station, put, set, invest, locate, property, room, shoes, site
French place, endroit, lieu

target antonyms

retrograde, beside point, neither here nor there, source language, roundabout, hypothesis, mole, indirect, show, head, clean, round, round about, backward, thesaurus:clean, clean living, clean and jerk, clean out, clean up, daily round, hash over, make clean, round of golf, round off, round of drinks, round out, shade, hunter, erase, nowhere, agree, alternating, alternate, circuitous, curtain, delete, educated guess, efface, fill in, read write head, head up, head word, guess, supposition, theory, thesis, collateral, mindwipe, rehash, retral, retreat, retrogressive, regress, rotary, merry go round, traffic circle, carousel, rub out, score out, show up, undirect, vicarious, wipe off, wipe out, european chub

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