thunder synonyms and antonyms

big h

English big h, thunder, nose drops, scag, skag, smack, hell dust, heroin


English big h, boom, roar, thunder


English thunder, roar, boom, boom out, microphone boom, tree, bonanza, flourish, smash, bunce, din, expand, explosion, godsend, gold rush, gravy, manna from heaven, mushroom, pole, roaring, thrive, windfall


English boom, thunder, howl, bellow, roger

thunder antonyms

quiet, silence, recession, lighting, lightning, lightening, whitening, lightning flash, quiet down, quit, abandon, abdicate, assuage, ceding back, go out, guitguit, light fixture, ignition, light, lumination, discontinue, drop out, depart, foreswear, leave office, quitted, relinquish, renounce, resign, be quiet, inaudibility, receding, recess, recessional, motionless, unruffled, abate, inaudible, lull, noiselessly, order, peaceable, pipe down

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