tidy synonyms and antonyms

spick and span

English spic and span, spick, tidy, immaculate, speckless, spic, spotless


English spick and span, put in order, clean up, tidy up, square away, straighten out, clutterless, declutter, neaten, kempt, pudgy, orderly, presentable, sizeable, neat, straighten

put in order

English order, tidy, categorize, collate

clean up

English tidy, clean out, wipe up

straighten out

English straighten, iron out, tidy, reform, clear, disentangle


English straighten out, roll out, tidy, gripe, true, unbend


English orderly, tidy, cattle, clean, dainty, gimp, spic and span, bang up, facile, full strength


English neat, tidy, hospital attendant


English presentable, tidy


English tidy, clear, uncluttered


English tidy, dejunk, unclutter


English tidy, groom


English tidy, well groomed


English tidy, podgy, chubby, rotund, stout, tubby, dumpy


English tidy, goodish, goodly, healthy, hefty, respectable, sizable

tidy antonyms

on rocks, hoard, curl, twist, robert floyd curl jr, curl up, curl of hair, untidy, twist around, messy, disorganized, eat on, eat, accumulate, cache, dishevelled, disorganised, hive up, roll up, lay away, mussy, slovenly, squirrel away, stash, treasure trove, unkempt, disorderly, contort, convolute, coup de théâtre, curlicue, ringlet, lock, coil, arch, curve, distort, kink, wave, bother, consume, dine, corrode, feed, feast, have, pervert, quarrel, rick, something, sophisticate, sprain, torture, turn, twine, device, spin, wind, braid, construction, eddy, bend, wrench, flex, writhe, wrick

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