tranquil synonyms and antonyms


English unworried, unruffled, unagitated, leisurely, easygoing, quiescent, peaceable, serene, calm, peaceful, quiet, tranquil
oc quiet, suau


Catalan tranquil, alegre, despreocupat, feliç


English serene, tranquil, peaceful, quiet, calm, bald, placid, sedate, smooth, still, clear, untroubled, unflustered
Catalan tranquil, quiet, assossegat, calmat, plàcid, serè


English leisurely, cushy
Catalan tranquil, calmat, relaxat


English easygoing, easy, leisurelily, slowly, tardily, at leisure
Catalan tranquil, assossegat, plàcid


English unruffled, peaceable, calm, quiet, quiet down, motionless, abate, inaudible, lull, order, pipe down, hushed, restrained, repose, silence, tranquillity, quietly, quieten, sedate, shut up, soft, still, tranquilize
Catalan tranquil, aturat, detingut, silenciós
oc tranquil, suau, silenciós


English serene, peaceful, tranquil, quiet, amicable, pacific, amiable, friendly, gentle, inoffensive, placid, undisturbed, unmoved, peace loving


English peaceable, unruffled, tranquil, pacific, serein, untroubled


English tranquil, quiescent, still


English peaceable, unruffled, tranquil, amicable, pacific, passive, untroubled
Catalan pacífic, passiu


English tranquil, unruffled, quiet, calm, calm air, calm down, equanimity, abate, appease, composure, allay, mollify, pacify, placate, sedate, steady, calmly, calmness, chill out, collected, composed, cool, cool as cucumber, cool it, cool off, delay, equanimous, level headed, lull, placid, quieten, relaxed, settle down, simmer down, still, tranquilize, tranquillise, tranquillize, untroubled
Catalan tranquil, calm, aquietar, asserenar, calmar, calmar se, calmat, serè, tranquil·litzar

tranquil antonyms

agitated, anxious, disturbed, hectic, belligerent, audible, chaos, anger, violent, unpeaceful, frantic, overconfident, bragger, flustered, airy fairy, petulant, cross, hot and bothered, frolicsome, feverish, excited, enraged, frustrated, abate, aggressive, war ridden, combatant, disappointed, dismal, dreary, brainsick, disquieted, infuriated, frenetic, delirious, phrenetic, gun, grease gun, irate, mad as hatter, maladjusted, nonplussed, on warpath, bad tempered, crabby, grouchy, huffy, ill tempered, irritable, snappish, nettlesome, restive, sick, smug, troubled, truculent, uneasy, unquiet, unsettled, vocal, warring, worried, remorse, sorrow, angry, hawkish, slaughterous, tempestuous, wild, disorder, havoc, mayhem, mess, turmoil, aflutter, nervous, restless, angstful, careful, concerned, solicitous, watchful, queasy, sounded, bedlam, confusion, dying, enthusiastic, worked up, activated, fainthearted, hearable, high, pandemonium, rile, see red, snafu, topsy turviness, topsy turvydom, topsy turvyness, upset, vicious, crimson, trigger happy, violently, wigged out

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