tutia synonyms and antonyms


English sleep, catch some z's, dormancy, dormition, kip, log z's, nap, night, rest, crusty, slumber, sopor
Finnish tutia, uni, goijata, nukahtaa, nukkua, paapia, uinua, koisata, levyttää, mahtua nukkumaan, nokkaunet, nokoset, nukkuminen, torkut, vetää lonkkaa, vetää unta palloon


Finnish paapia, nukkua

tutia antonyms

wake, wake up, awake, awaken, bed, party, arouse, come alive, rise and shine, waken, stay awake, wakefulness, wake island, arise, waking, go to bed, stay on, stay, stay over, stay put, sleeplessness, watchfulness, wakeful, up, appear, accrue, ascent, begin, come, come into being, emerge, ensue, follow, get out of bed, get up, go up, issue, mount, occur, originate, pop up, proceed, reappear, rebel, result, revolt, rise, soar, spring up, start up, surface, attentive, conscious, alert, backwash, be born, bob up, come up, deathwatch, get to one's feet, materialize, move, political party, rouse, stand up, uprise, well up, plot, binge eating disorder, being, roll in hay

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