unrevealed synonyms and antonyms


English undisclosed, unknown


English unrevealed, unknown quantity, unknown region, terra incognita, unfamiliar, anonymous, obscure, unascertained, uncharted, undiscovered, unexplored, unidentified, unnamed, unrecognized, unsung, strange, stranger

unrevealed antonyms

famous, familiar, popular, name, well known, common, notable, long familiar, familiar spirit, familial, proper name, known, kin, cracker barrel, far famed, appear, au fait, bright, chummy, colloquial, acquainted, cheeky, close, conversant, nigget, companion, family member, folkly, go, intimate, domestic, pop, democratic, fashionable, hit, vogue, adduce, agnominate, be known as, byname, call, designate, entitle, epithet, figure, gens, identify, know as, make, moniker

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