unruffled synonyms and antonyms


English unruffled, serene, calm, peaceful, quiet, tranquil, leisurely, unworried, easygoing, peaceable, quiescent, unagitated


English untroubled, unflustered, placid, sedate, serene, bald, tranquil, peaceful, quiet, smooth, still, calm, clear


English unruffled, placid, peaceful, serene, calm, clear, bright, secure


English unruffled, unflurried, unperturbed


English untroubled, unruffled, placid, peaceable, even tempered


English unruffled, sedate, calm, still, quiet, quiet down, motionless, abate, inaudible, lull, order, peaceable, pipe down, hushed, restrained, repose, silence, tranquillity, quietly, quieten, shut up, soft, tranquilize


English unruffled, calm, quiet, grave, composed, sober, thoughtful, staid, solemn, tranquilize, tranquillise, tranquillize


English unruffled, untroubled, tranquil, pacific, peaceable, serein


English untroubled, unruffled, tranquil, amicable, pacific, passive, peaceable


English unruffled, smooth, bald headed, soon, faitherless, furless, hairless, hasty, sleek, slick, barefaced, denudate


English sedate, untroubled, tranquil, placid, unruffled, quiet, still, calm, calm air, calm down, equanimity, abate, appease, composure, allay, mollify, pacify, placate, steady, calmly, calmness, chill out, collected, composed, cool, cool as cucumber, cool it, cool off, delay, equanimous, level headed, lull, quieten, relaxed, settle down, simmer down, tranquilize, tranquillise, tranquillize


English unruffled, bald, smooth, smooth out, glib, even, fluent, suave, legato, polish, smoothen, unlined, wrinkle free, wrinkleless


English unruffled, quiet, calm, still, stock still, still and all, allay, breezeless, conversely, ease, noneffervescent, nonetheless, on other hand, pacific, peaceable, quiescent, quieten, relieve, reticent, shh, silent, static, fixed, motionless, soundless, distillery, hush, consistently, yet, at same time, tranquilize, undisclosed, zephyrless


English unruffled, untroubled, clear up, absolve, acquit, balance, beautiful, bright, brilliant, homogeneous, pellucid, clean, clean cut, decipherable, exculpated, percipient, unclouded, unmortgaged, well defined, open, all way, clearly, stub, unclutter, authorize, gain, net, pass, clutterless, conspicuous, crystalise, crystalize, crystallise, crystallize, demonstrable, elucidate, enlighten, illuminate, jump, legible, light coloured, lucid, manifest, open up, see through, set abroach, shed light on, solve, sort out, straighten out, top, unambiguous, unset, wipe off

unruffled antonyms

agitated, anxious, disturbed, hectic, chaos, audible, belligerent, anger, violent, unpeaceful, enraged, frustrated, frantic, flustered, abate, disappointed, infuriated, hot and bothered, gun, grease gun, feverish, irate, nonplussed, on warpath, sick, truculent, warring, war ridden, excited, hawkish, slaughterous, tempestuous, wild, aggressive, aflutter, nervous, restless, troubled, uneasy, unquiet, unsettled, angstful, careful, concerned, solicitous, watchful, queasy, sounded, vocal, combatant, dismal, dreary, brainsick, disquieted, dying, enthusiastic, delirious, worked up, activated, fainthearted, frenetic, phrenetic, hearable, high, mad as hatter, maladjusted, restive, upset, angry, wigged out, worried, remorse, sorrow, village green, disorder, havoc, mayhem, mess, turmoil

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