unsatisfactory synonyms and antonyms


English unsatisfactory, disappointing, unsatisfying


English dissatisfactory, bad, weak


English unsatisfactory, bath, addled, abandoned, abominable, badass, base, corrupt, deficient, detestable, disgusting, false, faulty, ill, inferior, lousy, malodorous, off, poor, punk, rotten, severe, spurious, substandard, unacceptable, unfavorable, ungodly, vicious, wanting, wicked, wretched, wrong, defective, forged, high risk, regretful, spoiled, tough, uncollectible, unsound, badly, badness, bathhouse, bathroom, big, boat, evil doer, miserable, naughty, spa, ungood, wind


English unsatisfactory, weak minded, ailing, brittle, feeble, lame, languid, limp, little, pithless, powerless, regular, vincible, accessible, adulterated, attenuated, boneless, breakable, childish, compliant, debilitated, defenceless, delicate, dilute, diluted, enervated, enfeebled, exhausted, faint, flimsy, foolish, frail, frangible, frivolous, futile, gentle, helpless, illogical, imbecile, inconclusive, inconsiderable, indiscreet, indistinct, ineffective, ineffectual, inefficient, infirm, injudicious, insipid, irresolute, languished, light, low, pliable, pliant, poor, puny, senseless, shaky, shallow, sickly, silly, simple, sleazy, slender, slight, spent, strengthless, stupid, tasteless, thin, trifling, unconvincing, undecided, undetermined, unhealthy, unprotected, unsafe, unsettled, unsound, unstable, unsteady, unstressed, unsubstantial, unsupported, unsustained, untrustworthy, unwise, vacillating, vague, vain, vulnerable, wasted, watery, wavering, weakly, witless, yielding, decrepit, imperfect, unaccented, weedy, wishy washy

unsatisfactory antonyms

nonweak, strong, beneficial, advantageous, durable, healthy, potent, good, might, power, strength, invincible, competent, steel, excellent, tough, adequate, benevolent, exceptional, knock down, gainful, favorable, favourable, unbeatable, unconquerable, undefeatable, unvanquishable, inviolable, plus, propitious, strong willed, choice, able, workmanlike, fair to middling, salutary, usufructuary, eleemosynary, freehearted, brilliant, burly, charitable, prime, select, abundance, assortment, cream, option, distinguished, permanent, long lasting, long wearing, perdurable, enough, equal, especial, exacting, egregious, surpassing, extraordinary, fitness, friendly, good hearted, hard, harden, hardy, healthful, good for you, level headed, sizeable, kindly, large hearted, may

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