unsay synonyms and antonyms

walk back

English unsay, step back


English walk back, retract, abjure, swallow


English unsay, abjure, draw back, draw up, pull back, recant, take back, draw in, shrink back


English unsay, retract, abdicate, avoid, disavow, disclaim, renounce, repudiate, take back, withdraw, abrogate, forswear, recant, resile


English unsay, swallow, deglutition, drink, get down, sup, martin, gulp, absorb, brook, buy, consume, disavow, accept, immerse, take back, withdraw

unsay antonyms

spit out, spit, throw up, chuck up, throw, out, throw up one's hands, give up, throw in towel, throw over, break up, vomit, expectorate, splutter, regurgitate, eat on, eat, extend, spit up, reproduce, dig, expand, expectoration, enlarge, increase, lengthen, stretch, widen, exsert, carry, prolong, strain, unfold, offer, gallop, cover, run, lay out, come out, knocked out, come out of closet, poke out, project, prorogue, ptyalise, ptyalize, reach out, saliva, something, spew, spike, skewer, sprinkle, spitting, spread eagle, spread out, spue, tongue, cam stroke, bother, consume, dine, corrode, feed, feast, flip, have, stroke, switch, take dive, stound, toss, bowl, displace, eject

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