unstable synonyms and antonyms


English mentally ill, precarious, unstable, protean, shaky, unsteady

mentally ill

English unstable, crazy, unsound


English mentally ill, labile, instable, precarious, fluid, weak


English unstable, labile, ambitransitive


English unstable, unsteady, shaky, touch and go, rickety, tottering, uncertain, unsafe, wobbly


English unstable, fluid, atmosphere, fluent, runny, liquid, mobile, genderfluid, sinuous


English unstable, weak minded, ailing, brittle, feeble, lame, languid, limp, little, pithless, powerless, regular, vincible, accessible, adulterated, attenuated, boneless, breakable, childish, compliant, debilitated, defenceless, delicate, dilute, diluted, enervated, enfeebled, exhausted, faint, flimsy, foolish, frail, frangible, frivolous, futile, gentle, helpless, illogical, imbecile, inconclusive, inconsiderable, indiscreet, indistinct, ineffective, ineffectual, inefficient, infirm, injudicious, insipid, irresolute, languished, light, low, pliable, pliant, poor, puny, senseless, shaky, shallow, sickly, silly, simple, sleazy, slender, slight, spent, strengthless, stupid, tasteless, thin, trifling, unconvincing, undecided, undetermined, unhealthy, unprotected, unsafe, unsatisfactory, unsettled, unsound, unsteady, unstressed, unsubstantial, unsupported, unsustained, untrustworthy, unwise, vacillating, vague, vain, vulnerable, wasted, watery, wavering, weakly, witless, yielding, decrepit, imperfect, unaccented, weedy, wishy washy

unstable antonyms

nonweak, strong, durable, healthy, potent, might, power, strength, invincible, safe, coal, steel, stable, tough, strong willed, knock down, unbeatable, unconquerable, undefeatable, unvanquishable, inviolable, powerful, world power, stiff, undestroyable, virile, long wearing, perdurable, sustainable, capital expenditure, bad, burly, coffer, comfortable, dangerless, permanent, long lasting, exacting, fitness, fixed, hard, harden, hardy, healthful, good for you, level headed, sizeable, may, mightiness, mightn’t, stallwart, strict, problematical, ruffianly, rugged, sturdy, bully, hood, street fighter, toughened, wholesome

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