unusual synonyms and antonyms


English unusual, other, unlike, aberrant, apart, disparate, dissimilar, distinct, several, sundry, unalike, various, diverse, heterogeneous


English different, strange


English different, unusual, new, odd, out there, foreign, strangest, unfamiliar, unknown, weird

unusual antonyms

identical, selfsame, alike, ordinary, everyday, usual, common, familiar, normal, similar, coherent, alike p, familiar spirit, homogeneous, ordinary bicycle, same, very, accustomed, lucid, tenacious, clear, common land, connected, consistent, equal, homogenous, indistinguishable, superposable, logical, monovular, mundane, ordered, self same, standard, familial, kin, perpendicular, run of mill, suchlike, regular, likewise, au fait, average, banal, casual, chummy, colloquial, conformable, daily, quotidian, routine, unremarkable, workaday, acquainted, cheeky, close, conversant, nigget, companion, family member, hierarch, intimate, just, like, lowbrow, mainstream, domestic, mediocre, natural, nonabnormal, nondescript, conventional, gaussian, hale, right angle, convention, commonplace, penny farthing, plain, resemble, akin

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