unwarranted synonyms and antonyms


English unwarranted, unfounded, groundless, issueless


English baseless, groundless, unjustified, unfounded, insupportable, idle, wild


English baseless, unwarranted


English unwarranted, baseless


English unwarranted, undue


English unwarranted, indefensible, insufferable, unabideable, unbearable, unjustifiable, unsupportable, unwarrantable, intolerable, unacceptable


English unwarranted, idle, bludge, pointless, dead, light, loose, out of work, unused, inactive, laze, loaf, passive, recumbent, slug, stagnate, standstill, tick over


English unwarranted, wild, game, abandoned, desolate, feral, ferocious, fierce, good time, natural state, rambunctious, savage, scraggly, state of nature, truculent, unruly, untamed, wanton, dotty, fantastic, godforsaken, hazardous, raving mad, tempestuous, uncivilised, violent, wilderness, rampantly, wildling

unwarranted antonyms

abideable, supportable, drive, move, commode, pet, bearable, tolerable, endurable, justified, active, active voice, active agent, domestic help, domestic, livable, affable, agreeable, amiable, chest of drawers, chiffonier, toilet, compliant, conciliatory, convenient, conveniently, disk drive, do work, work, dressing table, line drive, drive on, drive through, enjoyable, friendly, handy, lovable, pleasant, pleasing, pleasurable, sufferable, warranted, accommodating, amenable, good hearted, yielding, compromising, openhearted, palatable, so so, busy, cigarette butt, 5, polyethylene terephthalate, blind drunk, fart, pop, bed, breast, swamped, fussy, in use, interfering, cap, five, idol, industrious, nice, nightstool, occupy, piece of work, put to work, suave, thunderbox, work on, congenial, lovely, squeamish, commodious, ready to hand, commodus, rehearse

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