unwavering synonyms and antonyms


English staunch, steadfast, unfaltering, resolute, level, constant


English unwavering, stallwart, unswerving, stem, trusty, valorous


English unwavering, unfaltering, resolute, determined, resolved, unswerving, unflinching


English unwavering, steadfast, firm, steady, stiff, unbendable, unshakable


English unfaltering, unwavering, constant, constant quantity, assiduous, truehearted, unvarying, consistent, steady, never ending, constantly, continuous, enduring, equable, invariable, invariant, sustained, unmodifiable, unfluctuating


English unwavering, steadfast, determined, hardy, firm, resolved, unhesitating, strenuous, unflinching


English unwavering, level, level off, spirit level, dismantle, equalize, even, flat, horizontal, layer, floor, horizontal surface, degree, grade, charge, flush, parameters, plane, pull down, rase, raze, stage, station, stratum, take down, tear down, tied

unwavering antonyms

sloped, slanted, inconstant, bumpy, variable, change, proteinic, proteic, unbalanced, skew, fainthearted, instable, unstable, fitful, imbalanced, sloping, slanting, crooked, irresolute, fickle, quicksilver, jolting, change oneself, afraid, anxious, cowardly, meek, pusillanimous, shy, timid, timorous, faint hearted, flexible, knaggy, rough, skewed, one sided, sporadic, tilted, canted, out of whack, brainsick, variable quantity, variable star, venal, weak, wishy washy, slope, uneven, changeable, commutable, bent, corrupt, asymmetrical, round shouldered, declension, decline, gradient, incline, mismatched, odd, scratchy, accident, adjust, adjustment, affect, alter, alteration, alternation, transition, variety, transform, deepen, switch, transfer, exchange, commute, convert, entitize, exchange rate, innovation, pitch, protean, side

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