unwind synonyms and antonyms


English wind off, unroll, disentangle, recharge, slacken, relax


English unwind, unfurl


English unwind, disengage, unbraid, untangle, comb, extricate, disinvolve, straighten out, unentangle, unravel, unsnarl


English unwind, reload, repower


English unwind, relax, abate, remit, ease, loosen, slack, slow


English unwind, slacken, abate, decompress, hang out, loll, loosen, loosen up, make relaxed, repose, rest, slack, relaxation, slow down, unbend, unlax, unstrain, weaken, relaxed

unwind antonyms

stress, play, stressed, stretch fabric, excite, stretch along, stretch, stretch out, entangle, child's play, dramatic play, thieving, thievish, do work, work, ensnare, implicate, involve, agitate, energise, energize, stimulate, arouse, inflame, mat, mire, piece of work, put to work, snarl, stir up, tangle, theatre play, tintillate, work on, work up, tension, general adaptation syndrome, abduct, accent, accentuate, bird, disquietude, distress, emphasis, emphasise, emphasize, expanse, extend, focus, act, caper, drama, frolic, gambol, have effect, instrument, job, kayfabe, labor, labour, ludic, punctuate, put emphasis on, rack, rarefy, stint, strain, try, reach, adulterate, elongate, unfold, stretchability, stretchiness, stretching, way

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