unyielding synonyms and antonyms


English pertinacious, unyielding, water, dejected, forbidding, gloomy, harsh, melancholic, obstinate, severe, stern, stubborn, sullen, glowering


English dour, unyielding, dogged, persistent, tenacious


English pertinacious, dour, strict


English unyielding, strict, close fitting, draconian, exact, exacting, hard and fast, harsh, rigid, severe, stern, accurate, austere, blue, careful, close, confined, inflexible, limited, particular, precise, puritanical, restricted, scrupulous, strained, straitlaced, tense, tight, uncompromising, nonindulgent, rigorous, stringent, tough

unyielding antonyms

lax, permissive, lenient, cool, cool jazz, broad minded, cool down, cool off, talkative, clement, forbearing, indulgent, neglectful, salmon, blabby, chatty, expansive, glib, loose, slack, logorrheic, loquacious, motormouthed, prolix, drivellous, garrulous, indiscreet, long winded, verbose, bigmouthed, chill, classy, calm, cold, coolheaded, hunky dory, aplomb, even tempered, gnarly, hip, judicious, kewl, la mode, phat, snazzy

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