synonyms and antonyms


English vee, livestock
Vietnamese , vờ


English have, have got, yard, garden, acquire, appear, be able to, bird, carry, chattel, experience, feature, get, got, hang onto, rich person, bear, conquer, consume, eat, know, must, partake, possess, sleep with, give birth, suffer, induce, take, hold, accept, own, receive, haven’t, i've, make, rook
Portuguese apresenta, dispõe, experimentar, padecer, sofrer de, ter, possuir

vê antonyms

lack, miss, own, possess, need, desire, have not, poor person, must, not, have or have not, in need of, owe, lacking, absent, deficient, hassium, bom, abdomen, belly, black, commitment, hasn’t, has, hath, have to, haves, inhold, missing, seise, short, them, wanting, without, lacquer, varnish, absence, crave, deficiency, demand, wanna, hope, drive, escape, feeble, hold, inexistence, itch, lac, dearth, scarcity, shortage, leave out, like, lose, mind, imperative, requirement, mold, moldiness, mustiness

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