view synonyms and antonyms

look at

English consider, view, watch
German anschauen, ansehen, betrachten
Portuguese observar, ver


English look at, view, look, take, bethink, deem, deliberate, regard, take into account, think of, see, think, study, count, deal, deal with, debate, judge, moot, rule in, turn over, weigh
German bedenken, berücksichtigen, besinnen, erwägen, überlegen
Portuguese pensar, considerar


English look at, eyeshot, prospect, perspective, idea, aim, appear, aspect, consider, panorama, purpose, scene, sight, survey, appearance, inspection, look, mind, take, regard, horizon, opinion, position, see, watch, vista
German anschauung, ansicht, auffassung, ausblick, aussicht, besichtigen, betrachtungsweise, blick, schauen, sicht, intention
Portuguese panorama, intenção, observação, vista, visão


English view, survey, chance, prognosis, expectation, candidate, lead
German chance, perspektive, sicht


English prospect, view, take, perspective, linear perspective, position, point of view, lookout, prognosis, horizon, expectation, mentality
German blickwinkel, perspektive, aussicht


English view, scene, panorama, cyclorama, diorama, landscape, overlook, vista
German panorama, 360 grad ansicht, aussicht, gesamtansicht, gesamtblick, gesamtschau, gesamtsicht, gesamtübersicht, gesichtskreis, rundblick, rundfoto, rundsicht, rundumblick, rundumsicht, zusammenfassung, zusammenschau, überblick, schau, sicht, übersicht
Portuguese panorama, diorama, paisagem, vista


English view, scene, stage, fit, scenery, setting, picture, shot
Portuguese cena, localidade, plano


English purpose, sight, take, aim at, aim for, take aim, aol instant messenger, attempt, bearing, bent, course, direction, effort, endeavor, final cause, intent, object, objective, proclivity, reason, scheme, scope, target, tendency, undertaking, aspiration, calculate, draw bead on, drive, direct, end, propose, purport, set about, struggle, train
German view, ziel, zielen, design, drift, end, goal, intention, mark, point
Portuguese apontar, dizer, fim, ideia, intenção, ponto de mira, visar, pontaria


English aim, design, end, heart, intent, intention, propose, consequence, effect, final cause, meaning, object, project, purport, resolve, determination, matter, reason, function, intend
German view, absicht, behuf, ziel, zweck, design, drift, end, intention, plan, resolution, sense, beabsichtigen, planen, vorschlagen
Portuguese decidir, finalidade, intento, intenção, objectivo, propor se, propósito, resolver


English prospect, look, view, survey, appraise, scrutiny, study, review, sketch, surveil, investigation
German survey, befragen, umfrage, vermessen, überwachen


English mind, idea, insight, inventiveness, observation, tip, clue, image, estimate, theme, idio, thought, inspiration, wisecrack
German auffassung, begriff, einfall, gedanke, idee, vorstellung
Portuguese view, conceito, ideia, idéia, opinião, pensamento


English idea, look, mind, bear in mind, brain, everything, head, heart, intellect, me, attention, awareness, cognition, desire, genius, intelligence, judgement, judgment, memory, opinion, reason, sanity, thoughts, wit, thinker, heed, pay attention, beware, take care, nous, psyche, watch out
German view, geist, gemüt, psyche, verstand, nous, sinn
Portuguese cabeça, ideia, inteligência, intenção, lembrar, memória, mente, objectivo, objetivo, psique


English appearance, sight, look, answer, arise, arrive, become, come, crop out, dawn, emerge, have, heave in sight, known, loom, obvious, occur, offer, oneself, open, present, seem, turn up, visible, come along, come into being, come into sight, come out, look like, materialize
German view, look, aufkommen, aufkreuzen, auftreten, durchbrechen, erscheinen, be, break, court, manifest, show, strike
Portuguese aparecer, parecer, sair, ter aparência de


English appear, aspect, view, air, apparition, arrival, debut, semblance, spectacle, appearing, coming into court, facade, seeming, show, visual aspect
German anschein, auftauchen, aussehen, erscheinungsbild, sichtbarwerden, auftritt, erscheinen
Portuguese aparecimento, aparição, aparência, aspecto, semblante


English appear, view, aim, catch sight of, ken, scope, sense, batch, espy, see, spy, vision, visual modality, visual sense
German sehenswürdigkeit, sicht, sichten, sehen
Portuguese avistar, dar atenção, divisar, prestar atenção, ver, visão


English appearance, view, look, aspect, air, blee, expression, dimension, facet, respect, side
German aspekt, aussehen, blickwinkel, erscheinung, erscheinungsbild, anblick
Portuguese faceta, aspecto


English appear, consider, mind, looking at, look, look here, look like, bay, here you are, lo, expression, spirit, anticipate, await, behold, contemplate, examine, expect, face, heed, inspect, investigate, notice, observe, regard, search, seem, study, watch, trust, attend, front, looking, resemble, shaft bow
German survey, view, look, aussehen, blicken, gucken, mode, stil, lugen, miene, schauen, sehen, front, gaze, guggen, hinschauen, hinsehen, kucken, scan, see
Portuguese aparentar, aparência, mirar, observar, olhada, olhar, parecer, rosto, ver


English view, inspection, examination, scrutiny, overhaul, review
German augenschein, besichtigung, inspektion, kontrolle, prüfung
Portuguese inspecção, inspeção, teste


English perspective, consider, aim, take away

view antonyms

rule in, rule out, winnow out, anopia, blindness, disappear, vanish, actors, eliminate, reject, preclude, accident, hide, sound, taste, hemispatial neglect, aimless, vanishing, code smell, pointless, meaningless, disappearance, directionless, sightlessness, drifting, floating, hide out, idle, sense of smell, smell, sense of taste, taste perception, taste sensation, vagabond, vagrant, neglect, dissolve, ablepsy, cecity, break up, dethaw, fade, disappearing, dismiss, disparition, disregard, fade out, formelt, melt, disband, disuse, divorce, drop, fade away, fly, go away, ignore, invalidate, leave out, insignificant, negligible, purposeless, unavailing, nonmeaningful, blunt, needless, point free, scoreless, superfluous, resolve, retrospect, review, semantics free, senseless, slight, thaw, unfreeze, unmeaning, unpointed, unthaw, vain, mistake

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