walk synonyms and antonyms

base on balls

English base on balls, walk, pass


English base on balls, manner of walking, walk of life, garden walk, take air, walk free, promenading, paseo, footpath, gait, hike, alley, tread, pavement, sidewalk, stroll, trek, full, move, get off, pinch, steal, step, trudge, acquit, walking, walkway
German geh, gehen, spazieren, spazieren gehen, spaziergang, promenade, route, acquit, go, march, marschieren, nick, treten, wander, wandern, laufen, wandeln
gv tuck, giallee


English stroll, walk


English promenading, walk, bimble, go for walk, obambulation, ramble, saunter, amble, range, rove
German bummel, flanieren, schlendern, spazieren, spaziergang, wandeln


English sidewalk, walk, footway, pathway, mall


English footpath, pavement, sidewalk, walk, mall, footway
German bürgersteig, gehsteig, gehweg, trottoir


English footpath, sidewalk, pavement, walk, roadway, paving material, paving
German bürgersteig, gehsteig, gehweg, trottoir


English stroll, hike, walk, promenade, walkway, amble, turn, walkabout, drive, airing, ramble
German bummel, spaziergang


English walk, hike up, boost, here, raise, rise, lean out, tramp, hiking, sit out, traipse


English move, walk, tread on neck of, tread on, chalaza, footstep, run, trample, trample on, path, step, track, way, pace, compress, go, march, run over, walk on
German schritt, stufe, tritt, auftreten, begehen, betreten, stapfen, trampeln, treten


English tread, affect, agitate, bring round, displace, download, drive, evil, git along, go, make motion, act, act upon, actuate, awaken, bring forward, budge, change residence, determine, dislodge, impel, impress, incense, incite, incline, induce, influence, instigate, persuade, prevail upon, proceed, propel, propose, put in motion, recommend, removal, remove, rouse, shift, stir, stir up, suggest, trouble, turn, motion, offer, prompt, transfer, be active, motivate, travel, relocation, resituate, run, take action, talk round
German walk, bewegen, bewegung, fortbewegen, hinziehen, regen, rücken, rühren, schachzug, umziehen, umzug, verschieben, übersiedeln, drive, go, live, march, prompt, start, touch
gv gleash, scugh


English full, walk, full moon, full house, leaf, sheet, ample, brim, brother german, drunk, drunken, foil, all way, gills, gunnels, max, tonsils, abounding, baggy, complete, entire, glutted, broad, embonpoint, replete, total, wide cut, wax, fully, good, houseleek, pissed, proper, sated, tight as tick, waulk
German besoffen, betrunken, dun, knülle, satt, umfassend, voll, völlig
gv walk, lane, giallee, tuck


English walk, goat, pace, road, street, watchman
German gang, gangart


English bowling alley, aisle, by way, lane, gap, alleyway, back street, way
German walk, gasse, twiete, passage, slum


English walk, appetite, hunger, yomp, truck, racetrack

walk antonyms

form fitting, close fitting, tight fitting, close, bare, empty, stringent, figure hugging, snug, road, street, be still, idle, lay, hunger, fix, heel, partial, easy, incomplete abortion, incomplete, riser main, riser, riser pipe, riser pipeline, partial derivative, furnish, empty bellied, empty out, footstep, high road, reluctance, afford, biased, bludge, fit out, supply, pointless, dead, light, loose, out of work, unused, unwarranted, inactive, unwhole, uncompleted, laze, loaf, wall street, uncomplete, unfinished, rise, fixed, frozen

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