waste synonyms and antonyms


English lay waste to, permissive waste, waste material, waste matter, waste product, dustcart, dissipation, emaciate, extravagance, macerate, consumption, desolate, devastation, litter, blow, decay, destroy, garbage, refuse, waste, rot, run off, squander, trashy, use, godforsaken, desert, discards, rubbish, wasteland, wilderness, thriftlessness, barren, pine away, consume, neutralize, wastefulness
Albanian waste material, waste matter, waste product, waste, humbje, mbeturina, shpenzim, shpërdorim, çoroditje

lay waste to

English waste, desolate, devastate, ravage, scourge


English lay waste to, waste, destroy, bare, barren, bleak, derelict, cheerless, comfortless, companionless, desert, destroyed, dreary, forlorn, forsaken, laid waste, lonely, lonesome, miserable, ravaged, ruined, solitary, unfrequented, uninhabited, wretched, depopulate, despoil, devastate, pilage, ravage, abandon, desolateness, plunder, stark


English refuse, waste, bin lorry, garbage truck


English dustcart, garbage, waste, abdicate, decline, disclaim, nix, pass up, discards, rubbish, trash, say no, deny, reject, defy, resist, spurn, turn down
Albanian nuk pranoj, refuzoj


English waste, dissipation, debauch, profligacy


English waste, extravagance, excess, irregularity, lavishness, prodigality, profusion, recklessness, unreasonableness, wildness, extravagancy, extravaganza, foolishness, high life, highlife, profligacy, vagary


English waste, mortify


English waste, consumption, economic consumption, atrophy, decline, expenditure, phthisis, use, using up, pulmonary tuberculosis, ingestion, intake, tuberculosis, uptake, usance, use of goods and services
Albanian gëlltitje, harxhim, konsum, konsum ekonomik, ngrënie, përdorimi i të mirave dhe materialeve


English desolate, waste, annihilate, break, demolish, eradicate, kill, ruin, destruct, dispatch, downstroy, perish, put down, ravage
Albanian asgjesoj, shkatërroj


English waste, desolation, destruction, havoc, pillage, rapine, ravage, ravaging, devastavit, plunder


English refuse, waste, garbage, food waste, junk, rubbish, drivel, ort, scraps, stuff, trash


English waste, bedding, rubbish, stretcher, bedding material, sedan, trash


English waste, blow out, belt, snow, bace, disaster, coke, bump, reverse, shock, gust, explode, inflate, boast, float, shove off, fellate, botch, box, buffet, bungle, calamity, cocaine, misfortune, puff, strike, stripe, stroke, suck, visitation
Albanian fryrje, fërshëllim, goditje, mbush me ajër, shpenzim


English waste, nuclear decay, radioactive decay, corruption, cripple, crumble, caducity, decadence, declension, decline, decomposition, decrepitude, degeneracy, deterioration, dilapidation, disintegration, fading, failing, perishing, putrefaction, radioactivity, wasting, withering, decompose, deteriorate, disintegrate, fail, perish, putrefy, wane, wither, dilapidate, dwindle, maim
Albanian kalbje, rënie

waste antonyms

build, build up, breathe in, inhale, big up, ramp up, work up, breathe, accept, agree, moderation, breathing, production, aspirate, arm, develop, progress, breathing in, inhalation, frugality, make offer, offer, offer up, save, economize, suck ass, suck, suck balls, suck big one, suck donkey balls, suck donkey cock, suck in, suck rocks, suck tits, accretion, modesty, presentation, growth, accumulation, cheapness, conserve, parsimony, thriftiness, frugalness, sparingness, thrift, want, preserve, sacrifice, casualty, victim, appear, assignment, bid, bidding, breath, respiration, confiture, eupneic, eupnoeic, expiration, extend, external respiration, inspire, keep, make, manufacture, mitigation, moderateness, temperance, easing, modestness, jam, jelly, marmalade, nature reserve, continue, protect, reserve, respire, simplicity, suck down, suit, suspire, take breath, ventilation

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