watch synonyms and antonyms

keep eye on

English watch, keep watch, spy on, watch for


English keep eye on, take in, keep watch, watch over, spy on, watch for, watch out, look at, look out, look on, lookout, ticker, attention, catch, follow, observe, look, see, view, watch, vigil, determine, wristwatch

keep watch

English keep eye on, watch, spy on, watch for

spy on

English keep eye on, keep watch, watch, watch for

take in

English catch, watch, gather in, suck in, take up, sop up, adopt, absorb, gull, consume, receive, collect, gain


English take in, watch, professional wrestling, apprehend, arrest, attain, chorus, grasp, haul, observation, prize, seizure, snag, snatch, stop, apprehension, capture, fang, take, trip up, overtake, get, hitch, contract, detect, fasten, gimmick, grab, match, net, overhear, pick up, snap, take hold of, wrestling, game, sport, wrestle

watch for

English keep eye on, watch, spy on, keep watch

watch out

English watch, look out, beware, heads up, keep eye peeled, pay attention, get away, heed, mind

look at

English watch, view, consider


English look at, look, see, watch, idea, aim, appear, aspect, consider, eyeshot, mind, panorama, prospect, purpose, scene, sight, survey, take, appearance, inspection, perspective, regard, horizon, opinion, position, vista

look out

English watch, watch out, beware, heads up, keep eye peeled


English watch out, watch, attention, stand at attention, for attention of, pay attention, advertence, advertency, attending, addresses, application, care, circumspection, civility, courtesy, courtship, deference, heed, mindfulness, politeness, reflection, regard, respect, study, suit, watchfulness, wooing, beware, ear, mind, acuity, out, attentiveness

look on

English watch, think of


English watch, lookout man, lookout station, sentry, surveillance, vigil, observation post, observation tower, observatory, outlook, picket, scout, sentinel, spotter


English watch, ticker, stock ticker, heart


English watch, see, follow, act on, act upon, arise, come after, conform to, fall out, comply, ensue, pursue, succeed, trail, keep up, stick to, trace, take after, play along, surveil, adopt, be, come, postdate, result, track, travel along


English observe, watch, looking at, look, look here, look like, appear, bay, here you are, lo, expression, spirit, anticipate, await, behold, consider, contemplate, examine, expect, face, heed, inspect, investigate, mind, notice, regard, search, seem, study, trust, attend, front, looking, resemble, shaft bow


English look, watch, act on, act upon, behold, call attention to, celebrate, do, keep, listen, maintain, detect, discover, notice, perceive, remark, note, respect, regard, twig


English look, follow, watch, view, see to it, sea, lake, ascertain, assure, call on, cee, check, consider, control, ensure, escort, insure, it, lo

watch antonyms

look down on, look down one's nose, look up to, admire, lead, precede, hear, listen, trail, guide, inattention, distraction, blind, miss, drop, throw, do, unfollow, command key, drop curtain, drop goal, drop kick, drop of water, drop off, guide book, guide on, listen in, listen to, tour guide, tourist guide, absence of mind, absent mindedness, carelessness, come before, beguilement, disturbance, diversion, introduce, lead in, lead out, lead story, misdirection, pencil lead, unattention, absence, absentness, command, guidebook, ignore, bom, behind

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