while synonyms and antonyms


English as long as, whilst, patch, effort, spell, trouble, piece

as long as

English while, so long as, long


English while, piece, patch, patch file, patch up, cobble, parcel, repair, tract, beauty spot, diff file, section, bandage, eyepatch, mend, temporary hookup, spot, plot


English while, trouble, effort, aim, attempt, struggle, campaign, deed, effortless, elbow grease, endeavor, exertion, pain, sweat, travail, endeavour, enterprise


English patch, while, bit, briquette, hunk, link, part, firearm, man, objet d art, musical composition, slice, nibble, assemble, portion, selection


English while, magic spell, magical spell, spell out, charm, import, incantation, interval, cantrip, enchantment, go, comprise, forebode, relieve, term, write


English while, trouble oneself, adversity, agitate, annoy, annoyance, bother, calamity, care, cross, difficulty, discommode, disoblige, distress, disturb, disturbance, ennui, hardship, ill, incommode, inconvenience, irritant, misfortune, molest, move, murky, pester, plague, problem, put out, torment, affliction, anxiety, bewilderment, discomfort, disquietude, dolour, embarrassment, grief, misery, pain, perplexity, row, sorrow, suffering, tribulation, uneasiness, vexation, woe, worry, fuss, afflict, perturb, turbid, unease, unnerve, unsettle, vex, visitation, disorderliness

while antonyms

okay, safe, behavior, song, calm, break, help, being good, ok, equanimity, slacking, shirking, calm air, calm down, help oneself, household help, bird song, composure, lazy, admittedly, all right, all sir garnet, break down, break in, break dance, break away, break of serve, break off, break out, break up, indeed, lucky break, hunky dory, o.k, approve, percussion break, unworksome, complete, whole, aggregate, conduct, deportment, demeanor, behaviour, coffer, comfortable, dangerless, demeanour, doings, bone idle, faineant, lethargic, being

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