wrench synonyms and antonyms


English wrick, wring, twist, torture, deform, contort, sprain, warp, wrest, falsify, tinge
French wrench, twist, distordre, déformer, mangle


English distort, wring, twist, crick, contort, sprain, warp, wrest
French twist, wrench, mangle


English wrick, distort, extort, wrench, squeeze, contort
French essorer, tordre


English wrench, wring, gouge, rack, squeeze, wring from


English extort, wrick, distort, spanner, wring, twist, pull
French spanner, pull, arracher, attraction, clé, clé anglaise, clé à crémaillère, clé à molette


English wrick, distort, wrench, twist, twist around, contort, convolute, coup de théâtre, pervert, quarrel, rick, sophisticate, sprain, torture, turn, twine, device, spin, wind, braid, construction, eddy, bend, kink, flex, writhe
French twist, aborder, adresser, avérer, détourner, enrouler, entorse, entortiller, passer, pencher, retourner, spire, tordre, torsader, tortiller, tourner, truc


English wrench, peeping tom, voyeur, geometer moth
French voyeur, clef, clef à écrous, clé, clé de serrage, serre écrou, clé à molette, tendeur


English wrench, attract, attraction, clout, drag along, draw, draw back, jumper, overstretch, puddle, drag, handle, influence, tug, puff, carry out, generate, recall, score, side, extract, pluck, rend, perpetrate, pulling, yank, bull, pullover
French pull over, chandail, chandail à manches longues, col roulé, entrainer, entraîner, poids, retirer, tirailler, tirer, trainer, traîner

wrench antonyms

pushing, push, press, turn, bend, repulsion, button, flat, intort, contort, connect up, connect, straighten out, straighten, bend dexter, push button, flat tire, loathing, push shot, reach out, reach, unravel, good turn, mechanical press, military press, press gang, printing press, press out, public press, aversion, repugnance, repulsive force, standoff, straight ahead, attach, conjugate, join, associate, plug in, get in touch, fasten, gripe, interconnect, link, link up, tidy, roll out, true, turn of events, turn over, turn round, unbend, unfathom, unknot, unpick, disentangle, solve, untwist, run, ravel, unscramble, unspin, untangle, pressure, straight, artistic gymnastics, tower, act, platt, badge, apartment, arrive, arrive at, attain

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